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Date Added: 01/04/2013
Jade, Sayan, 30x20x9mm
Agate, Ijevan, 61x35x23mm
Agate, Ijevan, 50x31x11mm
Chalcedony, 50x26x5mm
Chalcedony, 50x30x20mm

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Krivyy Rih stone artisans’ masterworks are highly valued by stones' and minerals' collectors all over the world.
Our masterworks have been distinguished at numerous exhibitions and fairs we took part in lately.
If you are looking for natural gemstones but can't go to Mineral Exhibitions, you can easy get them here in "Moses".

You can find almost every gemstone in our internet shop. You can easily find aventurine, agate, amethyst, amphibolite, amazonite, apatite, gabbro, hematite, tiger's eye, cat's eye, falcon's eye, garnet, granite, dzhespilit, quartz, cordierite, labradorite, lapis lazuli, limonite, marble, obsidian, petrified wood, jade, opal, pyrite, pyrrhotite, feldspar, rauchtopaz, rhodonite, specular, tourmaline, fluorite, chalcedony, aegirine, jasper, and other gems at "Moses" .

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